Hey there! I'm not just your a mild mannered artist—I'm a proud veteran, dad, husband, and a gamer!

Art has been my constant sidekick since forever, right alongside my secret stash of superhero comics and video games.

Let's talk art: I've been channeling my passion into creating epic fan art. Yep, you heard it—I'm the nerd behind those homage artworks celebrating the legends and characters that fueled my imagination. From the superheroes who save the day to the villain's we love to hate, I turn that love into ink, paint, and pixels.

But hey, it's not all capes and masks! I also get a kick out of crafting mind-bending abstract pieces. Think of it like jumping into the multiverse of creativity! Abstract art is my playground, where I break all the rules and let my imagination run wild.

My mission? To connect with fellow fans, stir up emotions, and maybe even get a 'wow' or two. Whether it's through fan tributes or abstract wonders. I just want to create art that finds those who find joy in it.

Let's get to work.


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